Tolo TV


TOLO currently provides free-to-air
services to viewers in 14 cities in Afghanistan, and we intend to continually expand our reach within Afghanistan.
TOLO provide satellite TV services to the entire region on Yahsat.
The new entertainment music show “SAAZ” will launch on 15th of October 2016 at 10:30pm.
Offering the latest Afghan and international music from around the world and presenting fresh news and updates from famous singers and their recent work.
Tune in and enjoy this new local production by TOLO TV, just for you!

Afghan star
The #1 musical talent show in Afghanistan “Afghan Star” is back soon with its 12th Season.
Afghan Star has consistently grown for 11 years and exceeds all ethical, language and gender barriers. It has been a catalyst for social and cultural change in Afghanistan since its inception.
Afghan Star brings together the entire nation through music!
11 years in a row, the show has achieved an important milestone…driving the growth and development of the countries music industry.
Once again, a caravan of judges will travel to the key cities of Afghanistan to audition and select the best contestants for the 12th Season.
Stay tuned and do not miss the start of Afghan Star SEASON 12, soon only on TOLO TV!

The outsanding Turkish romance drama “KARAGUL” is back with its 4th and final season.
Karagul tells the story of a traditional family in eastern Anatolia. Living in a powerful and rich family brings lots of problems, the conflict for leadership, unapproved relations and murder.
How will Ebru and her children manage to adapt themselves to their new life?
Stay tuned and find out starting 9th of October 2016 only on TOLO TV!

Maidan e Sabz
Maidan e Sabz (GreenField) is a 19 episode reality show meant to will be achieved the Roshan Afghan Premier League team selection and will determine players on each team. In each episode of Maidan e Sabz, men aged of 19+ will be selected from one of the 8 zones/regions of Afghanistan. The selection will be made by an expert 3 man panel, and through TV viewer polling. At the outcome of the team selection process, there will be 8 teams representing the 8 main regions of Afghanistan.

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